Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman at Arrival of NATO Plane with Medical Equipment

Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman delivers a speech at the arrival of a NATO plane with medical equipment. April 8, 2020

Thank you very much, Defense Minister Ciuca. That was very nice words that you said earlier.

I also want to thank the multinational crew of the Heavy Airlift Wing. They left Hungary Saturday morning and they just returned. They have flown for 4 days led by a Colonel from Sweden, a couple of American flag members, a Romanian pilot, an American pilot and crew members from other countries. It’s a true symbol of the cooperation that NATO offers all its NATO countries and how we rise up to the occasion to help each other when there is a crisis in the world. We will get through this coronavirus problem and crisis if we keep working together.

I want to thank the people of Romania for all of the hard work and all their pulling together in this time of emergency. I want to thank the Defense Minister and the people of the United States for all of their charitable work and support for, not just Romania, but a lot of countries around the world.

There are also many American companies in Romania that have contributed in a variety of ways that are not even known, from financially, to gifts in kind. We are all working to help the Romanian people get through this. The American people and I am incredibly impressed when people like Defense Minister Ciuca, Prime Minister Orban and President Iohannis ask me how the people of the United States are doing and if there is any way they can help in some way, which is really touching. President Trump and other people of the American Government always ask me how we can help and together we are all going to get through this and we are going to be fine, hopefully very quickly. Thank you all very much and thank you to the flight crew again.