U.S. Ambassador Kathleen Kavalec at Palas Campus Opening in Iasi

U.S. Ambassador to Romania Kathleen Kavalec delivers remarks at Palas Campus Opening. Iasi, April 24, 2023 (U.S. Embassy/Public Diplomacy Office)

Prime Minister Ciuca,
President Ciolacu,
President Alexe,
Mayor Chirica,
President Dascalu,

Good morning everyone and thank you for the opportunity to join you. I am so pleased to return to Iasi – it has been fifteen years since I was last here and so much has changed. The city and the region’s economic development is impressive — Iasi has established itself as a regional digital powerhouse, while still staying true to its vibrant cultural heritage.

In fact, Iasi has clearly become an emergent European hub that is attractive to world-class American companies. With strong private sector leadership and investment, a broad and highly skilled labor force, competitive operating costs, and a strategic location—Iasi is raising its profile both in Romania and in wider Europe.

As I am sure all of you are aware, just last evening we unveiled our We The People exhibit here in Iasi at the Palace of Culture. The exhibit celebrates—25 years…now going on 26…of Strategic Partnership between the U.S. and Romania.

The three pillars of our Strategic Partnership are mutual security, a shared commitment to increased economic prosperity, and cultural exchange. Though these lines of effort are all inextricable, it is the economic pillar we are celebrating here today.

The U.S. Embassy will continue to work toward closer commercial and economic partnerships between our countries. It is what friends and allies do. Indeed, to see world-leading American companies…Amazon, AMD, Cognizant Softvision, Microsoft, Safeguard, and others here at Iasi’s Palas Campus is clear proof that we are all on the right track. Seeing American expertise at work in such an impressive facility is inspirational.

I have been impressed to see the work that has been done to revitalize Iasi’s historic district, including in particular this Palas Campus. Congratulations to the engineers, architects and developers who built this modern and cutting-edge facility.

There is an incredible amount of business acumen and expertise here. And the bridges of commerce that have been built…and which will be built…will, I am sure, continue to strengthen our Strategic Partnership, and reinforce the shared foundations on which we stand: rule of law, transparency, and stability.

As Romania’s public institutions move to digitalize, could there be a more innovative group of American companies with which to partner than those on display here? The presence of these companies here will benefit all of Romania—far beyond Iasi and Moldavia. What a glowing example of the very best in private-public partnership and opportunity.

Recognizing that we are close here to Moldova and Ukraine, I wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for Romania’s ongoing support to Ukrainian refugees in the face of Russian illegal and unprovoked aggression in Ukraine. The Romanian people have responded with empathy and open hearts to Ukrainians in need, many of whom have passed here through Moldavia.

I’m aware also of the close and growing cooperation between Romania and Moldova in support of Moldova’s decision to seek EU membership. The U.S. is also stepping up its support for Moldova, and this is another area in which the U.S. and Romania can work together.

In closing, let me thank you once again for inviting us here today, and for your dedication and successes in bringing our nations and peoples closer.