Protests Expected To Continue Over The Coming Weekend

Anti-government protests are expected to continue through the coming weekend. A large scale protest is planned for Sunday, February 12 at Piaţa Victoriei beginning at 6 p.m. Organizers are hoping for a million participants. Government supporters also continue to meet at the Presidential Palace.  Their numbers are expected to reach two or three thousand. Expect normal pedestrian and vehicular traffic

Large Scale Anti-government Protests Continue Throughout Romania

Large scale anti-government protests are expected this evening and through the coming weekend at Piaţa Victoriei and other locations to include, but not limited to, the Ombudsman’s Office, Ministry of Justice, and PSD Party Headquarters.  Large protests are also expected in other cities across Romania. Romanian government passed a decree to de-criminalize certain forms of official misconduct on January 31

Express Mail U.S. Voted Ballots Now

The Embassy of the United States in Romania encourages all U.S. citizens to exercise their right vote.  U.S. Federal elections will take place on November 8.  Please note, the U.S. Embassy is NOT a polling station.  Citizens cannot come to the Embassy to vote. All absentee ballots in the U.S. are administered by the state where a voter is registered. 

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