Charge d’Affaires David Muniz at Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony in Fagaras

David Muniz in Fagaras

Thank you, Mr. Mayor. Thank you to City Council and especially to the teachers and the children for welcoming us here today in this wonderful new school. We’re incredibly pleased to see this wonderful building.

Everyone knows about the strong partnership and the relationship between Romania and the United States. And we do so many things together but this school symbolizes an important part of that – the people-to-people that we have between our two countries and I could not be prouder that something like this is a symbol of that relationship.

This project was made possible through the Office of Defense Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy and they are here today. They have a special program, a Humanitarian and Disaster Assistance that supports these projects and already in Fagaras we’ve spent already I think USD 2 million through various facilities here.

And it’s a reminder not only that the U.S. Military is not only one of the finest in the world but also understands how to build relationships with partners that go beyond traditional military engagements. And this is why, again, this is such an important project.

We have had a project in town that improved a local hospital and healthcare center. Now we see this school and we have another medical project coming up. That is just a symbol of our partnership with the Romanian people and with the town of Fagaras.