Congratulations to Romanians Accepted to U.S. Colleges and Universities

Students Jessica Puckett-Davis, Ahmad Shuja, and Keosha Morgan study outside of Draper on a nice Spring day. Taken on May 22, 2009. Photo: Berea College
Students Jessica Puckett-Davis, Ahmad Shuja, and Keosha Morgan study outside of Draper on a nice Spring day. May 22, 2009. Photo: Berea College

Op-ed by Ambassador Hans Klemm

Congratulations to all of the Romanian students who have received offers of admission from one of the over 4,700 accredited institutions of higher learning in the United States.  Over 1,000 Romanians study in the United States at college and university each year and go on to be leaders and innovators in many fields.  I hope you will join them.  Many U.S. universities have sent messages of welcome to students around the world through the #YouAreWelcomeHere Campaign (

Over one million international students are now in U.S. higher education institutions, maintaining the United States’ long-standing position as the world’s top host nation for international students.  This is a testament to the unmatched quality of American higher education in the eyes of international students and their families.

International students strengthen ties between the United States and countries around the world, developing the relationships between people and communities that are necessary to solve global challenges.  We value inclusion, and actively support students from diverse backgrounds onour campuses.  American universities and communities benefit from the knowledge and talents of international students, which helps prepare all of us for shared, successful futures in an interconnected world.

Consular officials here in Bucharest, Romania and at American embassies and consulates around the world continue to work diligently to process student visa requests, and information about the visa process is available at

EducationUSA advisers worldwide stand ready to answer questions about studying in the United States. You can find an advising center at  For those still considering study in the United States, EducationUSA advisers can provide valuable resources to help inform your decision.  With over 4,700 accredited institutions in all 50 U.S. states, there’s an American college or university that’s right for everyone.  There are study options at many price points, including community colleges and “2 plus 2” models that combine study at a community college and a four year institution to earn a bachelor’s degree.