The American Corner Constanta, a partnership between the U.S. Embassy in Romania and Ovidius University in Constanta, is primarily an information and resource center open to those interested in U.S. life and culture, as well as a platform for joint programs.

The American Corner Constanta offers a collection of materials on topics covering U.S. culture, lifestyle, and values both in their historical evolution and as part of contemporary American society.

The American Corner Constanta is interested in interacting directly with the public by using its resources in conducting programs, including speakers and student advising, as well as art exhibits and professional development training.

Biblioteca Universitatii Ovidius din Constanta
1 Aleea Universitatii (Campus Nou), Corp A, Etaj 2, Sala American Corner
Tel:  0251-522393
Fax: 0251-523177