American Studies

The Embassy actively supports the in-country study of the United States as a vehicle for debating ideas and sharing values.  We are glad to have contributed to the strengthening of the American Studies programs and/ or courses at universities around Romania through library development grants or support for conferences organized by the individual English Departments at universities or by the Romanian Association for American Studies.

We have sponsored American academics to participate in American Studies-related events and Embassy officers have toured American Studies programs around Romania, met with students and faculty, and offered presentations on various topics of interest, such as U.S. foreign policy, American government and politics, democratic values and respect for diversity and human rights, etc. Many of the American Studies faculty members are alumni of the Fulbright academic exchange programs.

We salute the continuing development of new courses as part of the American Studies curricula around the country and we encourage Romanian high school graduates to enroll in these programs.

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy Bucharest, Romania

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