Office of Defense Cooperation


The Office of Defense Cooperation Romania is responsible to the Commander, United States European Command, the United States Ambassador to Romania and the Defense Security Cooperation Agency for the execution of security cooperation programs including International Military Education and Training, Foreign Military Financing/Foreign Military Sales, State Partnership Program, George C. Marshall Center, military to military engagements and humanitarian assistance programs. In addition, the ODC Romania coordinates training, exercises, operations and bilateral defense agreements.

We do this by active engagement with the Romanian military and other ministries and agencies at all levels in order to strengthen the United State’s and Romania’s bilateral security relationship in support of the United States European Command’s and the United States Ambassador to Romania’s objectives.


The Office of Defense Cooperation Romania is a force multiplier for the United States by strengthening partnerships, facilitating access and improving interoperability with the Romanian Military.

Stronger Together

American Officers:

  • Colonel Kenneth Gjone, Chief, Office of Defense Cooperation
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael D. Valletta, Deputy Chief, Office of Defense Cooperation
  • Major Charles Dillbeck, ODC Bilateral Affairs Officer
  • Major David M. Fahs, ODC FMS Army Programs Officer
  • Major Emily Trop, ODC FMS Air Force and Navy Programs Officer
  • Staff Sergeant Adriana M. Velazquez, ODC FMS & OPS NCO