Public Diplomacy Office

The mission of the Public Diplomacy Office is to promote understanding of U.S. political, economic and social issues, explaining to Romanian audiences both the current Administration’s foreign policy agenda and the complexities of U.S. society and culture. The Counselor for Public Diplomacy leads the Public Diplomacy Office.

The Public Diplomacy Office cooperates with other sections of the U.S. Embassy and with Romanian and American institutions and individuals to promote dialogue and sustained interchange between Romania and the U.S. through conferences, lectures, workshops, social media, professional study and orientation visits.

The Press Office is responsible for the Embassy’s media relations and explains the content of U.S. policy and handles all media inquiries concerning official government policies. It also supports activities that promote a free, vibrant and independent press. The Press Office oversee the Embassy’s website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn account, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr. The Information Officer leads the Press Section.

The Cultural Office develops and manages an array of exchanges and programs with the full spectrum of society in Romania, including students, educators, artists and government officials. It also supports civic education, teacher training and English-language training programs. The Cultural Affairs Officer leads the Cultural Section.

The Information Resource Center (IRC) is the best single source of information about the United States to be found in Romania. It provides reference and referral services for Romanian government officials, journalists, NGOs and academics on virtually all aspects of the United States: foreign relations, especially Romanian-U.S. relations; domestic American politics; security; defense; legislation; social and political processes; the economy; environment and trade. The IRC also oversees the nine American Corners and seven American Shelves.

The Public Diplomacy Office also works closely with the Romanian Fulbright Commission to promote exchanges through its scholarships and educational advising.