Expected Protests

Regional Security Office


February 2, 2017

Expected Protests

Large scale anti-government protests are expected this evening and through the coming weekend at Piaţa Victoriei and other locations to include, but not limited to, the Ombudsman Office, Ministry of Justice, and PSD Party Headquarters. Large protests are expected to continue taking place in other cities across Romania.

While most protest activity had remained peaceful thus far, a group of agitators did engage Gendarmes last night in Piaţa Victoriei with pyrotechnics, rocks, and physical assaults which caused several injuries to Gendarmes and protestors and resulted in 70 arrests.

Personal Planning

Expect normal pedestrian and vehicular traffic to be affected in and around protest areas, to include difficulties with Metro access/exit from certain stations during protest times (Aviatorilor, Piata Victorei, Piata Romana, Universitatii, Piata Unirii).  Please consider alternate routes and plan schedules accordingly, in particular if you reside in downtown neighborhoods near protest areas.

See attached map.