Happy New Year from Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman

U.S. Ambassador to Romania, Adrian Zuckerman.


After two weeks in this beautiful country, I am filled with joy and admiration for what the Romanian people have achieved. I am confident 2020 will bring even greater successes for Romania and our strategic partnership. As we look forward, I want to unequivocally emphasize, on behalf of President Trump and the American people, that the American people are here, are going to stay here, and together with the Romanian people will achieve great things in 2020.

The time has come for the Romanian people to re-establish their leadership in Europe and the world, the arts and sciences, in agricultural production, in energy production, and in industrial production, building a vibrant economy and a great society living under and respecting the rule of law and freedom of religion.

The Romanian people should live free of fear for their safety and security from foreign malign influences. The people of Romania have suffered long enough; it is now their time to prosper. It is now time for all Romanian people to elevate their standard of living, not just the elite and the politically connected.

President Trump and the United States Government are committed to working with President Iohannis and the government of Prime Minister Orban on a variety of priorities. Foremost amongst these is judicial reform to ensure a reliable and transparent judicial and criminal system, and eliminating the ability of criminals to retain ill-gotten gains. The elites and politically connected should not have a safe haven within or without Romania. The United States is committed to using all of its available law enforcement resources, to help Romania rid itself of the scourge of corruption. Combating human trafficking, a violation of basic human rights and decency, which both of our nations have pledged to support, will be a priority.

The United States will continue to support the Romanian military in its continued undertakings to defend the country from external threats. Romania’s crucial role in NATO, defending Europe’s eastern flank, cannot be underestimated. The United States will continue to be Romania’s, and NATO’s, staunch ally and fully ensure Romania’s defense abilities.

Additionally, the United States will partner with and assist Romania to unleash its true economic potential. Ensuring there are common sense tax and business laws and regulations, will pay big dividends. It is imperative that the drag of endemic corruption on the economy ends. The ability of politically-connected oligarchs and barons to control business interests and limit free market competition must end. Further privatization is needed. Only a stable, predictable, and fully transparent business environment can attract the investment needed to boost development and advance a competitive economy. Business transparency and accountability are paramount.

I have complete faith that all of these ambitious goals can be achieved. Romania is on the cusp of greatness. The time to start is now.

Happy New Year and may God bless the people of Romania and of the United States.

Adrian Zuckerman
U.S. Ambassador