Health Alert: U.S. Embassy Bucharest, Romania

Location:  Romania


Romania remains in an extended 30-day state of alert, which began June 17.  After a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, the Government of Romania announced that relaxation measures previously scheduled for July 1 would be postponed due to scientific and technical data showing a rise in COVID-19 cases.  The government also adopted additional sanctions, including the suspension of permits, for event organizers who do not comply with imposed safety measures.

As communicated in previous messages, a number of relaxation measures entered into force on June 15, which permitted the reopening of shopping malls, fitness clubs, outdoor pools, private indoor events of no more than 20 people, and outdoor events of no more than 50 people.  Effective June 17, the Government of Romania announced additional relaxation measures, including the reopening of public and private kindergartens, after school programs, and indoor religious services, in compliance with social distancing health guidelines.  Restrictions continue to mandate the wearing of protective masks in closed public spaces, stores, public transportation, and the workplace.

U.S. citizens are not permitted to enter Romania unless they meet one of the specified exceptions.  U.S. citizens wishing to know if they meet an exception for entry may consult the Ministry of Interior’s website here or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website here.  They are also advised to contact the Romanian Embassy in their country of origin or the Romanian Border Police prior to departure.  Travelers should also be aware of the potential for prolonged travel restrictions from the U.S. to the European Union.  All persons arriving in Romania are subject to at-home quarantine except for certain professional categories and people entering after spending at least 14 days in certain countries with low COVID-19 case growth, as determined by the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) on a weekly basis.

The Government of Romania has released guidance with regard to visa and resident permit validity, available here.  Documents of any visitor or resident of Romania that expired during the initial state of emergency will maintain validity for an additional 90 days from the end of the state of emergency (until August 12).  Documents of any visitor or resident that expired during the state of alert will maintain validity for an additional 90 days from the end of the current state of alert (until October 14).  Visitors are encouraged to depart Romania as soon as it is safe to do so.  Visitors are also encouraged to contact the Romanian authorities for any questions regarding their specific circumstances and interpretation of this guidance, the application of which rests solely under the purview of local authorities.

The government has eased commercial flight and travel restrictions to 22 countries with documented COVID-19 case reductions as of June 30 as determined by the NIPH on a weekly basis:  Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.  Air carriers TAROM and Wizz Air have resumed operations to regional destinations with daily flights to most destinations.  European national carriers have resumed flights to airport hubs with connections to the United States as of June 16.  Travelers should continue to be prepared for last minute cancellations and are advised to consult the European Commission’s webpage called “Re-open EU” for more information regarding travel restrictions throughout Europe.  Please also visit the Otopeni “Henri Coanda” International Airport website for a schedule of departing flights, and check with airlines for updated information about your travel plans.

Please continue to monitor all security alerts from the U.S. Embassy and obey all ordinances imposed by the Government of Romania.  The latest updates and further details on the state of alert are available on the Romanian Ministry of Interior’s website here.

The U.S. Department of State maintains a Global Level 4 Health Advisory: Do Not Travel.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 3 Travel Notice for Romania as well as a Global Level 3 Travel Notice. 

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