Important Notice For Diversity Visa (Dv) 2017 Entrants

Approximately 300 sailors unfurl a U.S. flag the size of an American football field, in preparation for opening day ceremonies for the Sand Diego Padres football team. DVIDS photo by Joe Kane / Navy Visual News Service.

On September 6, 2016 the United States Department of State has selected an additional 7,700 Diversity Visa Lottery winners worldwide for the lottery year DV-2017.  If you entered the Diversity Visa Lottery in October 2015, please use your unique confirmation number on the only official Entrant Status Check website to see if you were selected in this second round of winners. Successful entrants are encouraged apply for their Diversity Visas by completing the online DS-260 application so that an interview can be scheduled at the Embassy before the last day of the program, September 30, 2017.

In DV-2015, 1068 Romanians were selected as winners.  Thus far in DV-2016, 626 Romanians have been selected and the U.S. Embassy is busy interviewing winners and issuing Diversity Visas for individuals and families to live as lawful permanent residents in the United States.  On September 06, the Department of State sent an email to a total of 7,700 additional selectees worldwide requesting them to check their status on the ESC website

If you were selected as a winner for DV-2017, qualified applicants and their family members must be issued visas on or before September 30, 2017.  In addition, if all of the 50,000 Diversity Visas have been issued before that date, the program will end earlier.  Entrants with “selected” status should act now since the visa process can be lengthy.  Entrants should continue to keep their confirmation number until the end of the application process.  You will need your confirmation number to access information through the Entrant Status Check throughout the application process.

The Department of State will not request any kind of payment except for the Diversity Visa application fee which will be paid at the time of the interview ONLY at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.  Any entity claiming to be associated with the U.S. Government requesting payment via Western Union or through an online payment related to the DV program is fraudulent.

Only internet sites that end with the “.gov” domain suffix are official U.S. government websites. Many other websites (e.g., with the suffixes “.com,” “.org,” or “.net”) provide immigration and visa-related information and services. The Department of State does not endorse, recommend, or sponsor any information or material on these other websites.  Be cautious of any entity requesting personal information via email.