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Ambassador Hans Klemm at the Honoring of the October “Entrepreneur of the Month”

– As prepared for delivery – Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, [and distinguished guests]. Thank you for joining us here today as we honor the U.S. Embassy’s Entrepreneur of the Month for October 2015. In January 2015, the U.S. Embassy launched the Entrepreneur of the Month program. Each month, the Embassy highlights individuals and companies ... Read More»

Ambassador Hans Klemm at Fondul Proprietatea’s Investor and Analyst Days

Dr. Mobius, Mr. Mihalache, Minister, Deputy Governor, Greg and my good friend, Ambassador Paul Brummel from the United Kingdom, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for this opportunity. Being new to Romania, I anticipate I will learn a great deal from you, the participants in this conference, as you know so much more about ... Read More»

Ambassador Hans Klemm at Women’s Empowerment Cancer Advocacy Network (We Can) Breast and Cervical Cancer Advocacy, Education and Outrea

Distinguished guests, members of parliament, thank you for asking me to speak here today. The U.S. Embassy congratulates the Women’s Empowerment Cancer Advocacy Network, (WE CAN), on the organization of its Seventh Breast and Cervical Cancer Advocacy, Education and Outreach Summit.  I salute WE CAN for gathering a wide range of stakeholders, including survivors, advocates, ... Read More»

Ambassador Hans Klemm at the 10th Anniversary of F&R Worldwide in Romania

[In Romanian] Bunǎ seara şi bine aţi venit! [In Romanian] Mǎ bucur sǎ vǎ primesc în seara aceasta in casa mea pentru o ocazie specialǎ. Thank you for joining us to celebrate F&R Worldwide ’s 10th year in the Romanian market. Congratulations to Ramona Ţepelea, F&R’s Managing Director, Martin Dreiseitel, the company’s CEO and President, and others ... Read More»

Human Trafficking Affects Us All

Today human trafficking traps over 20 million people worldwide.  As modern-day slavery, it is a crime that happens almost everywhere and affects virtually everyone.  Yet many still think of human trafficking as an issue affecting only other people, in other countries.  The truth is it affects you; it affects us all.  Trafficking victims may have ... Read More»