The U.S. Embassy Has Selected Qodemo As Its December 2015 Entrepreneur Of The Month

Our Entrepreneur of the Month program highlights individuals and companies that exemplify the best attributes of entrepreneurship.  An entrepreneur sees the potential in a new idea and then takes a bold, often risky step, using only his or her ability, drive and courage to turn that idea into reality.  Through our Entrepreneur of the Month program, the Embassy showcases individuals who have seized the unique opportunities that Romania has to offer across a wide range of industries, services and regions.

In 2014, Stefanel Carlescu co-founded Qodemo by merging Tevelop, a small Romanian outsourcing firm he owned with Teodor Loghin and Dreamups, a research project led by Tudor Tarlev and his team which won the Best European Social Startup in Monaco.  Qodemo is a research lab that operates under the open engineering or Maker[1]movement and creates a set of digital tools that help people around the globe transform their ideas into real hardware projects.  Qodemo now has 8 employees with ambitions to expand in ASIA and continue to help people turn their ideas into physical, useful objects. The Dutch organisation DOEN backed their project and helped them achieve promising results.

Mr. Carlescu’s work in creating Qodemo showcases that businesses can be built from the initial stage as a global business; technology makes that happen and building bridges across national borders is easier now than ever.  Mr. Carlescu’s pioneering work in open engineering demonstrates how Romanians can capitalize on their outstanding skills in math, science, and technology, and pair those skills with others in the international arena to create new things.  His efforts embody the concept of entrepreneurship: innovation, resourcefulness, ingenuity and most importantly, teamwork.  Internet connectivity is as significant as roads, electricity and other traditional infrastructure for sustainable development.  We applaud Mr. Carlescu for creating a global business that seeks to increase universal connectivity and provide a space for creative minds to collaborate.