Regional Security Officer Shane Dixon at the Romanian Police Day Celebration

Bună dimineața.

Sunt onorat să mă aflu astăzi aici. Mulțumesc pentru invitație.

Dear friends and partners—

I’m honored to join you here this morning and all the more so to speak to such a distinguished audience on behalf of both the United States Embassy and my law enforcement colleagues. Romanian Police Day celebrations are always a time to reflect and appraise…it’s the time to look back at what we have built together, to honor and celebrate our operational successes, and to reflect on the challenges we met and the lessons we learned along the way. It is also when we assess, refine, and strengthen the foundations for our future collaborations.

The United States Embassy and the entire U.S. law enforcement community in Romania are justifiably proud of their excellent partnership with the Romanian Police, as well as with its specialized divisions for combating organized crime, special operations, criminal investigations, prevention, CBRN, international cooperation, and traffic enforcement.

Our joint investigative and training initiatives have been both impactful and fruitful—and they underscore our shared commitment to countering crime in all its forms. We all look forward to continuing this tradition even as we coordinate on other programs to improve our responses to cyber threats, organized crime, terrorism, migration pressures, crisis situations, and the spectrum of other challenges facing us and the societies we are dedicated to protect.

I would like to take the opportunity this morning to express our sincere gratitude to the Romanian Police officers—gathered here today—or working across the length and breadth of their country, for the myriad assistance they have rendered to the United States and our Attachés from the Diplomatic Security Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, and Homeland Security. Without your unflagging professionalism and the support you provided to these agencies…as well as to EUROPOL, INTERPOL, and other European partners…we could not have pursued countless and powerful investigative leads and our shared consistent operational successes would have been impossible.

I would be remiss were I to fail to also specifically thank the administrative and management teams which make possible all that we have accomplished together and what the Romanian Police forces accomplish daily. Thank you for this and for managing and overseeing our security efforts. Though it too often goes unsaid, I hope you are aware of how much the entirety of our international law enforcement community respects the work you do every day.

Vă mulțumesc și vă urez mult succes!
La mulți ani, Poliția Română!