Ambassador Hans Klemm at the SME Ceremony

Mr. President, Chairman Niculescu, members of the Government, members of the Romanian Parliament, very distinguished guests, Mr. Mayor, Thank you sincerely for inviting me to participate at this morning’s event. Seeing who I’m sitting next to, it a great, great honor to be a participant at this morning’s session. So, thank you to the National ...
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Romania and United States Perform Joint Mast “Stepping” Ceremony For Deveselu Missile Defense Site

Officials from Romania, the United States, Poland, NATO, and Turkey conducted a joint Mast Stepping ceremony on November 17, 2014 for the Aegis Ashore missile defense site now under construction at Deveselu, Romania. In naval tradition, when a mast is stepped (process of raising a ship’s mast and setting it into a notch or step ...
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