Ambassador Hans Klemm at the 10th Anniversary of F&R Worldwide in Romania

[In Romanian] Bunǎ seara şi bine aţi venit!

[In Romanian] Mǎ bucur sǎ vǎ primesc în seara aceasta in casa mea pentru o ocazie specialǎ.

Thank you for joining us to celebrateF&R Worldwide’s 10th year in the Romanian market.

Congratulations to Ramona Ţepelea, F&R’s Managing Director, Martin Dreiseitel, the company’s CEO and President, and others from F&R who are with us here this evening.

I have three main priorities in Romania – Security, Democracy, and Prosperity. Tonight’s event is representative of the importance of the private sector in building our shared prosperity.

F&R stands as a great example of American expertise; a company that has brought its years of experience to Romania.

Its parent company, Froehling & Robertson, is one of the oldest independent engineering/testing firms in the United States. It was founded over 130 years ago and has prospered since its beginning in 1881.

Froehling & Robertson has worked on some very important projects in the U.S. and around the world, notably the U.S. Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, the National Air & Space Museum, as well as our own Embassy here in Bucharest and the Deveselu Air Base.

In 2005, the U.S. Embassy welcomed F&R to Romania as a small company. Today, they have nearly 100 employees and have made a big difference for over 150 clients in Romania and in the region.

They are now recognized as one of the leading environmental and geotechnical firms in the country.

F&R made a strategic decision to open its first overseas office here in Romania, primarily offering its environmental services to the energy sector at a time when Romania needed to align with European Union environmental requirements.

Today, their quality work can be appreciated in a range of sectors, including the petrochemical, manufacturing, infrastructure and property development fields.

My predecessors, Ambassadors Taubman and Gitenstein, both held events similar to this to mark the important milestones for this company in Romania. I’m glad I have the opportunity to do the same.

We at the Embassy will continue to work to strengthen the commercial ties between our two great nations, and build our shared prosperity.

Once again, congratulations to F&R on your accomplishments in your first 10 years in Romania.

[In Romanian] În încheiere, vǎ doresc sǎ vǎ bucuraţi de o seara cât mai plǎcutǎ alǎturi de noi.

[In Romanian] Sǎ urǎm împreunǎ mulţi ani de success partenerilor noştri de la F&R Worldwide. La mulţi ani!