Ambassador Hans Klemm at the Commissioning of Transgaz’s Şinca Compressor Station

Minister Gerea, Mr. Nicolicea, Ambassador Constantinescu, Mr. Văduva, Mr. Sterian, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak at this important event this evening.

Bună ziua, vă mulțumesc pentru această invitație, și vă felicit pentru modernizarea stației de compresoare de la Șinca.

Today’s launch demonstrates very clearly that Romania is taking the necessary steps to promote energy diversity and investment in new infrastructure.

The United States remains committed to working with Romania and the European Union as Romania enhances Europe’s energy security through diversification of energy types and origin of supply. We will also support Romania as it seeks to develop its domestic energy production.

In September, shortly after my arrival in Romania, I had the pleasure to sign an agreement with Mr. Văduva.

Financially with a modest agreement – only a million dollars — but it will provide for U.S. expertise for a feasibility study. It will to support the development of needed energy infrastructure as Transgaz plans for increased transmission pipeline capacity along the Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary- Austria gas connector.

Ultimately, once Romania completes the modernization of its pipeline network, as Mr. Văduva said it’s the intention and planning of Transgaz, Romania will be able to play a pivotal role as a gas transit country for Europe and through potential Black Sea investments, Romania can then supply rich gas to its neighbors through increased offshore production.

One of my responsibilities as U.S. Ambassador to Romania is to promote the sale of U.S. goods and services to your country. So I am particularly proud that a respected U.S. company, Solar Turbines, was selected to provide the compressor sets for the state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, safe and secure Şinca facility.

Solar Turbines, has a history dating back to 1927. It is the global market leader for turbines of the capacity used at Şinca and is known for its impeccable safety record and the ongoing support it provides to its customers.

Transgaz can rely on the fact that Solar Turbines will be here for many years to come and will ensure that their compressor station at Sinca runs effectively.

Indeed, Solar Turbine maintains equipment, installed in the 1960s, and supports the continued operation of that equipment throughout Europe.

The U.S. Government supports critical energy infrastructure projects that will allow Southeast European countries, neighbors of Romania and some of the most heavily dependent on a single gas provider, to diversify their sources of supply.

The United States and our companies are very pleased to play a role in the diversification of both sources and methods of transit by sharing American expertise and technology in the gas sector to help Transgaz and Romania realize its energy infrastructure modernization goals.

Successes like these that we’ve seen today underscore the value that professional managers bring to state-controlled enterprises such as Transgaz.

Sound corporate governance improves economic performance and leads to success.

Again, it is an honor for me to be here with you today. I very much hope that Transgaz’ infrastructure development projects are realized. If so then there will be many more opportunities for new compressor stations to be opened. I hope that American companies are present at similar celebrations in the future and that I too will be invited and be able to share with you those moments.

Încă o dată felicitări, și fie ca această inaugurare să fie într-un ceas bun! Mulţumesc foarte mult.