Ambassador Hans Klemm at the Inauguration Ceremony at Deveselu School and Kindergarten

Bună dimineaţa domnule Aliman, domnilor şi doamnelor,

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you very much for your exceptionally warm welcome to me and my wife, Mari, this morning in Deveselu.

I would first like to take a moment to thank both the school administrators and the local government officials who have come together and were instrumental in allowing us to mark this occasion.

As I have just told the mayor, Deveselu has become an exceptionally important location, not only in Romania, but also for the United States and the entire North Atlantic Treaty Organization Alliance.

Due to its decision to host the facility that’s very close to us that will be an essential element to provide security against ballistic missile threat,Deveselu has become a key element in the security for the entire transatlantic region. And as part of the investment that the United States has made in the defense of Romania, defense of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, in its own defense, we have also made an investment in the education of the children of Deveselu.

In my role as the United States Ambassador to Romania, I am fortunate to have to attend many official occasions like this morning. Every occasion like this morning has its merit, but I have a special place in my heart for projects that help the educational needs of the people of Romania, and particularly Romania’s children – Romania’s future.

In partnership with the United States Embassy, the construction of the Deveselu school was made possible by a grant from the United States European Command of the United States Department of Defense.

This new school is a gift from the American people to the citizens of Deveselu and for the families and children of the surrounding towns, villages and communities.

The goal of the school is to provide a better environment for the education of the children of this part of Romania and will have long lasting effects. A better educated population in Deveselu will lead to better economic outcomes and will help the future of the region, as well as Romania as a whole to grow and prosper.

I also want to acknowledge the United States Navy League Romania Chapter as the finished project would not have been possible without the League’s assistance. The original scope of the project was just to build the structure, but with the help of the United States Navy League, they were able to provide support for new furniture to allow the children to have desks as well as the teacher to have basic equipment.

So again, let me say thank you to the mayor, to the school administrators, to the commander of both the Romanian military and the United States. And thank you for attending this ceremony this morning.

Mulţumesc foarte mult.