Romania is largely a “cash only” economy. While an increasing number of businesses do accept credit cards, travelers are advised to use cash for goods and services rendered due to an increase in credit card fraud. Vendors have been known to misuse credit card information by making illegal purchases on individuals’ accounts. There have been an increasing number of ATM machines throughout major cities. Travelers’ checks are of limited use but may be used to exchange for local currency at some exchange houses.

The best way to get dollars in Romania is to bring them with you. Traveler’s checks will be accepted for payment of hotel, airline, car rental and railroad bills. Traveler’s checks can be cashed for dollars for a fee at banks or exchange offices. Most agencies or banks in the country prefer VISA traveler’s checks.

American Express travelers checks can be cashed in Bucharest at exchange offices, banks (HVB Tiriac Bank, Trasylvania Bank), or the American Express representatives in Romania, Marshal Travel Agency. In Bucharest, Marshal is located at: 20, Unirii Blvd, Tel: 319-4444, 401-1925, Mobile: 0722-329-302, 0745-342274, Email:, or 43, Magheru Blvd. Tel.: 319-4456, 310-0450, Mobile: 0722-514204, 0745-342275, Email:

Their services include: replacement of lost or stolen American Express traveler’s checks, emergency check cashing on American Express cards, payments of monthly credit card bills, replacement of lost, stolen or damaged credit cards.

To transfer funds to Romania commercially, there are two methods. Your bank abroad can wire money to the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) or other large banks (you may request a list of banks from ACS)

In-bound cash remittances for individuals visiting or residing in Romania may be effected via Western Union or Money Gram with proceeds available the same day.

In cases of Emergency, money can be transferred via the State Department, to be disbursed by the American Embassy in Bucharest.