Telecommunication and Postal Services

International calls can be made from public phones with a prepaid phone card (available at post offices and news stands), from private land lines with international access, or from mobile phones with a local SIM card.

AT&T access number for Romania is: 01-800-4288.

MCI access number for Romania is: 01-800-1800.

Sprint Express access number for Romania is: 01-800-0877.

The national operator in the field of postal services in Romania is Poșta Română.

Express mail services in Romania:

DHL International Romania
85-87, Emanoil Porumbaru,
Tel: 222-1771, 222-1777

DHL Worldwide Express
23-25 Calea Buzesti
(across from Omniasig, at Piata Victoriei)

Federal Express (ROM-Express Service)
22 Polona St.
Tel: 211-1580, Fax: 211-6719

UPS United Parcel Service
196 Calea Rahovei
Tel: 312-8117, 210-5050, Fax: 210-5900

TNT Express Worldwide
Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti nr. 172-176
Platinum Business and Convention Center
Cladirea B, Etaj 2 Sector 1, Bucuresti, 015016
Tel: 021 303 45 67
Fax:021 303 45 43