U.S. Passport Correction

If you need to correct your U.S. passport because your passport was issued to you with an error, please read the information below carefully to learn how to request a new or replacement U.S. passport.

Printing errors and spelling errors, including incorrect name, gender, or place of birth, can be corrected at no charge at any time while the passport is still valid.

  • If reported within one year of issuance, a new, corrected passport will be issued, which will be valid for 10 years from the date the new, correct book is issued.
  • If reported after one year of issuance, the new, corrected passport will be valid until the expiration date of the original, incorrect passport.

The requirements for replacement passports apply for both adults and minors.

To correct a printing or spelling error in your passport, mail Form DS-5504 with one color passport photo and evidence of the error to the U.S. Embassy, Blvd Liviu Librescu nr. 4-6, Sector 1, Bucharest, Attn: American Citizen Services.