Schedule a U.S. passport appointment

For those who require an in-person appointment, please consider the following:

  1. We will open new appointments as often as we can and reopen canceled appointments daily.  Please continue to check our website for availability.
  2.  If you are NOT traveling in the next three months, we ask that you not schedule an appointment at this time to allow citizens with urgent needs to take advantage of any availability online.
  3. If you are traveling in the next month and have been unable to find an appointment online, please email us at, and include:
    • that you are required to appear in person and the reason (minor passport, first adult passport, last passport lost/stolen, etc.)
    • the full names and dates of birth of everyone that will be attending the appointment (parents and minors for minor passport appointments)
    • the expiration date of the passport, if you are filing for renewal of an expiring or expired passport
    • your plane ticket or travel itinerary, clearly showing the dates of travel and the passengers traveling
    • a telephone number that you may be contacted at.

How To Schedule an Appointment Online

To schedule an appointment online for a U.S. passport application, you can use the link to our appointment website.

Click on that link and choose a date and time for you to come in. Please enter a valid telephone number and a valid email address where you would like to receive notifications concerning your appointment. Each applicant will receive an individual appointment identification number and password. Make a written note of the following:

  • The appointment confirmation number generated.
  • The date and time for your appointment. You will not receive email confirmation of the appointment date.
  • The appointment password.  You will require the password if you need to cancel the appointment. No record of your password is kept at the Embassy.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please reschedule or cancel it as soon as possible.  This will allow us to offer the spot to another customer.

If you are renewing passports for multiple family members, a separate passport appointment is not required. Select the service you require, and list the names of all family members attending the appointment in the spaces provided for “non-applicants attending appointments” in the relevant screen.

Download and complete all of the required forms before you schedule your appointment.

You are not required to present a printout of the confirmation sheet on the day of the appointment. Your name will be on the access list for that day. Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

There are two lines to enter the U.S. Embassy: one line is strictly for visa applicants; the other line is for American Citizen Service (ACS) customers and other visitors to the Embassy, and usually requires no waiting. Upon arrival at the Embassy for their appointment, U.S. citizens should go directly to the entrance – do not stand in the visa application line. Show your U.S. passport or other type of photo ID and your appointment confirmation sheet (if you were able to print it) to the local security guards. You will go through a security screening process before entering the Embassy grounds. Look for directions for ACS customers to enter the consular waiting room. Once inside the waiting room, take a  number from the Qmatic “ACS” button and proceed toward window 14.

DO NOT use this link to make appointments for visa applicants or legal residents, such appointments cannot be honored. To set an appointment for a visa applicant or legal permanent resident, please visit the Visas page and follow the instructions from the “Contact Us” box.

How To Change or Cancel Your Appointment

If you wish to change or cancel an appointment, please visit the appointment booking site and use the appointment identification number to change the appointment date or cancel your appointment.

Emergency Travel

If you have immediate travel plans and have not been able to set an appointment online before your departure date, please send us an email at and attach a copy of your plane ticket or travel itinerary, clearly showing the dates of travel and the passengers traveling to request an emergency appointment.