U.S. Embassy Hosts Regional Conference on Counter Terrorism and Foreign Terrorist Fighters

The U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Department of Justice hosted a three-day regional conference Best Practices to Address the Eastern Mediterranean Terrorism & Foreign Terrorist Fighter Threat in Bucharest from September 15-17. Chargé d’Affairs a.i. Dean Thompson and Prosecutor General Tiberiu Nitu opened the event which was held in Bucharest. The conference featured judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials from the United States, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, and Romania.

“In this new era of global and borderless terrorism, any operational success is the result of collective strategic and coherent efforts that are only possible through partnerships. Countering the terrorist threat requires law enforcement expertise and a variety of legal tools in critical areas, such as information sharing, border security, criminal justice, communication technologies or financial systems. Effective counterterrorism measures also mean respect for human rights, civil liberties, the rule of law and fundamental freedoms,” said Chargé d’Affairs a.i. Dean Thompson at the opening ceremony on September 15.

The workshop promoted multinational collaboration and enabled participants to share unique experiences, expertise and best practices in combatting, investigating, prosecuting, and trying terrorist threats.