U.S. Embassy Selects January Entrepreneur of the Month

The U.S. Embassy has selected Senator Wine as January 2015 Entrepreneur of the Month. Through our Entrepreneur of the Month Program, we highlight individuals and companies in Romania that have recognized the potential of a new or emerging business idea, and then developed a focused approach with drive and courage to turn that idea into reality. Traveling around Romania, we witness firsthand the innovation and creativity evident in all segments of the economy. Through our Entrepreneur of the Month program, the Embassy will showcase great local entrepreneurs developing products and services across a multitude of industries in various regions in Romania.

What distinguishes Senator Wine among the many fine Romanian wine producers is the company’s focus on expanding exports abroad. Reporting shipments of close to 30 percent of total production to more than 20 countries, Senator bases its export model on Romania’s wide range of quality grapes little known outside of Europe. It’s more than100 full time employees and 150 part time employees produce almost six million bottles of Romanian wine annually. Along with five other wineries in Romania, both Romanian and foreign owned, Senator Wine applied for and received EU Funding in 2011 to promote its wines in the United States and champion a new market for a traditional Romanian product.

The Embassy takes this opportunity to note that the company would benefit directly from an elimination of tariffs should we conclude the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, an EU-U.S. free trade agreement currently in negotiations. Without tariffs on European wines, Senator Wine asserts that it would be able to sell its wine for 15 to 20 percent less in the United States. This would put it on more competitive footing with wines from other countries, especially those nations now benefiting from free trade agreements with the United States.

We applaud Senator Wine’s initiative, and that of other Romanian wineries, that strive to raise the profile of a Romanian heritage product worldwide. As Romania continues to grow and develop, it will continue to benefit from entrepreneurs who build new companies, adapt and reform old ones, and lead the country into the future.